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DIY - 5 strand braided friendship bracelet!!!

this is a really fast embroidery floss friendship bracelet that you can probably finish in under 20 minutes. i like that even though it’s a quick project, it looks way fancier than a regular old braided bracelet!

you will need:

  • 5 strands of embroidery floss cut to 3.5 feet long (i used 5 different colors- that’s up to you!)
  • scissors
  • a hard cover book and a binder clip (or just a clip board will do)
  • nimble fingers

here’s the steps:

  1. cut your embroidery floss - all 5 strands should be the same length
  2. fold the strands in half and tie a knot about 4-5 inches from the fold (this way you have room for tying later)
  3. wrap the folded end of your strands around the top of a hard cover book and use the binder clip to secure the bundle ***make sure the binder clip (or clip board clip) rests right beneath the knot (you don’t want to see the knot) - this helps the strands lay flat as you braid.
  4. you’ll have two pieces of each color now - split them up so the colors match up and each double strand can act as one strand. (the steps for 4-6 are pictured above and larger if you follow this link)
  5. separate the strands - 3 on the left and 2 on the right
  6. braid the left 3 strands like a regular braid once - then move the right-most strand over to the right side and braid the right side like a regular braid once. now move the left most strand to the left side and braid that side again - GO BACK AND FOURTH DOING THIS UNTIL YOUR BRAID IS THE DESIRED LENGTH!
  7. knot off the bottom of the braid carefully and tightly
  8. remove the braid from the book and clip the folded end so it looks the same as the non-folded side - trim the ends so they’re even (but leave like 4 inches on each end for tying! 
  • it’s important to hold the strands relatively taut as you braid and also to keep them flat.
  • i found it helpful to work on the floor looking down at the braid that way i could press down on the braid to keep it flat as i braided it.
  • the closer the knot is to the edge of the clip the better that end of the braid will look when it’s done! 
  • i practiced making 5 strand braids with pipe cleaners before attempting these bracelets- maybe you want to also? 
  • the trickiest part is keeping everything tight and flat the whole time! BUT YOU CAN DO IT!

p.s. - here’s a link to a larger version of the braiding steps image.

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My bag on Wendy from Wendy’s Lookbook. 

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Amazing sense of creativity here. 

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